User Agreement and Disclaimer #

By using Wynton HPC, you agree to abide by the statement of its Purpose, Principles and Governance.

Users who wish to access protected data such as Protected Health Information (PHI) are required to log into node(s) that implement enhanced security such as additional access restrictions and/or relevant HIPAA compliance measures.

It is the responsibility of the PI to ensure users that they have approved are on the IRB with the PI.

The PI is responsible for ensuring that any user they approve that is added to Wynton that accesses data that requires IRB approval, is listed on the IRB.

Because IT security requirements, operating systems, and hardware are continually evolving, difficult situations may arise in the future. For example, it is possible that future requirements imposed by UCOP or UCSF concerning PHI data would in turn negatively impact on the ability of the cluster to serve its founding purpose, as defined in the Governance document. In such a case, the Steering Committee may roll back configurational changes or otherwise re-configure the cluster, so that the founding needs are still satisfied, even if that occurs at the expense of some applications. Therefore, while every effort will continue to be made to maximize the number of applications, it is impossible to guarantee that once supported applications will always remain supported. If a rollback is required the Wynton OPS team and Shared Compute governance will make it a priority to stand up a separate cluster supporting the required functionality.

Use of the Wynton HPC cluster is subject to UCSF’s policy on Authorized and Acceptable Use of Electronic Information Resources.

It is the responsibility of the PIs to ensure the integrity of their data. The Wynton filesystem is not the primary source of data (not a system of record). Once the PI has write access to the data, they are entitled to manipulate the data as they see fit.

Upon separation from UCSF, a Wynton user’s home directory and it’s contents may be transferred to the user’s PI in accordance with the Authorized and Acceptable Use of Electronic Information Resources policy (650-18) “i. An account that is not deleted upon loss of affiliation shall be transferred to another UCSF faculty or staff person designated as being responsible for the account.”

The Wynton OPS team is tasked with implementing the policies established by the Faculty Steering Committee and with ensuring that the cluster runs effectively and efficiently. Users agree not to attempt to circumvent policies nor avoid restrictions imposed by the Wynton OPS team.

Under no circumstances are users to share their account and password with others.