Wynton HPC - UCSF Research Computing at Scale #

Wynton HPC is a large, shared high-performance compute (HPC) cluster underlying UCSF’s Research Computing Capability. Funded and administered cooperatively by UCSF campus IT and key research groups, it is available to all UCSF researchers, and consists of different profiles suited to various biomedical and health science computing needs. Researchers can participate using the “co-op” model of resource contribution and sharing.

The Wynton HPC environment is available for free to all UCSF researchers. To join, please follow the instructions for requesting an account.

The Wynton HPC environment keeps growing as more users discover it and more groups buy into the co-op model. Each contributing member brings more resources and compute power for everyone based on a fair-share model where contributors get higher access priority than non-contributing members. Contributions to the Wynton HPC environment are non-expiring and valid for life! In addition, several UCSF centers have joined by contributing a large amount of their compute hardware to the cluster, e.g. Memory and Aging Center and QB3. For more details on where we are heading, please see the Wynton HPC Roadmap.

Please note: The Wynton HPC environment is not certified for use with Protected Health Information (PHI) unless you have a Wynton PHI account. Data containing PHI must not be transferred to, mounted on, or processed with any Wynton HPC cluster resources other than in the Wynton PHI environment. For more information or to apply for a PHI account, see Protected Health Information (PHI) on Wynton.