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Advanced Scheduler Usage #

Programmatically get job id #

When submitting a job, the job id is outputted to standard output (stdout) as part of a long message, e.g.

$ qsub -cwd hello_world
Your job 151711 ("hello_world") has been submitted

Although it possible to parse this output string to infer the job id, by adding option -terse only the job id itself is outputted removing any needs for parsing, e.g.

$ qsub -terse -cwd hello_world

Using Bash syntax, you can capture the job id when submitting the job as:

$ job_id=$(qsub -terse -cwd hello_world)
$ echo $job_id

This allows you to pass it in downstream calls, e.g. qstat -j $job_id and qdel $job_id.

Additional resources #

For more help on the SGE scheduler, please see the Grid Engine HOWTOs page.