Missing Software? #

Don’t find the software you need for your analysis? If so, you have a few options:

  1. Install it yourself to your own account
    • Download a pre-built binary
    • Build software from source (traditional, e.g. ./configure --prefix ~/software, make, and make install)

  2. Use Apptainer to run it via a Linux container
    • Pull down an existing image from public repositories such as Docker Hub and Biocontainers (e.g. apptainer build blast.sif docker://biocontainers/blast:2.2.31 and apptainer exec blast.sif blastp -help)
    • Create your own Linux containers

  3. Reach out to the Wynton HPC user community
    • It could be that someone else has already installed it, is interested in also installing it, or is willing to help

  4. Missing core software or missing SCL?