Globus File Sharing #

Below are instructions on how to share a specific folder on Wynton with specific Globus users. These users do neither have to have a Wynton account or have to be UCSF employees - you can share with anyone who has a Globus account. When sharing, you can specify whether the person you share with should have read-only access or write access. Typically, if you want to make large data files available for download, you will share with read-only permission. If you want to receive data from a collaborator, you can give them write permission.

Creating a Shared Globus Collection #

  1. Make sure you have a working setup of Globus for Wynton

  2. Email with the directory you want to share. The admins will send back the path the Globus share will appear as, e.g. /wynton/globus/share/alice

  3. On the ‘UCSF Wynton’ Collection page, click the ‘Collections’ tab to get to ‘Guest Collections’:
    • Click the ‘Add a Guest Collection’ button
  4. Fill out the ‘Create New Guest Collection’ form:
    • Directory: Enter the path you received from the admins, e.g. /wynton/globus/share/alice
    • Display Name: Enter a descriptive name, e.g. ‘Alice Wynton Share with Bob’
    • Optionally add a “Description” or “Keywords”.
    • Click ‘Create Collection’
  5. On the ‘Permission’ tab, click ‘Add Permissions - Share With’ and Enter:
    • Directory: /
    • Share with: ‘user’ (the default)
    • Username of Email: the Globus ID email address of the user you’ll be sharing with. If they don’t have a Globus ID email address, use their regular email – they’ll be prompted to create a Globus ID.
    • Permissions: ‘read’ (user can download) or ‘write’ (user can also upload)
    • Click ‘Add Permission’

At that point you should be all set. Globus will send an email to the person you are sharing the folder with, and you can let them know the share is active.

Removing a Shared Globus Collection #

When you’re done, log into Globus, go to ‘Collections’ and then ‘Administered by You’. Click on the shared Collection and then ‘Delete Collection’. Email to let us know you’ve deleted the Collection.