Login #

To access the Wynton HPC cluster you need an account - any UCSF affiliate can get an account. Anyone with a Wynton HPC account, can access the cluster via Secure Shell (SSH).

Prerequisites #

The instructions below requires:

Users on Linux and macOS have an SSH client built-in, which is available from the terminal as ssh. Users on Microsoft Windows 10 or newer also have a built-in SSH client, which is available from the command line as ssh.

Microsoft Windows 8 or older: If you are on Windows 8 or older, you do not have a built-in SSH client. If so, we recommend to install the PuTTY SSH client, which has slightly different command-line interface but it has full SSH support. Please consult the PuTTY documentation and user forums for further instructions. Another alternative, which some might find easier, is to connect to the cluster using the X2Go software.

Instructions #

To log into the cluster, assuming your user name on Wynton HPC is alice (case sensitive), do the following:

  1. For first-timers outside of the UCSF network, log onto the UCSF VPN,

  2. open a terminal (called ‘Terminal’ on macOS and most Linux distributions, and ‘Command Prompt’ on Windows 10),

  3. at the terminal prompt, type ssh alice@log1.wynton.ucsf.edu and press ENTER, and

  4. when prompted, enter your Wynton HPC password.

Example #

When logging in from your local computer, you should see something like:

{local}$ ssh alice@log1.wynton.ucsf.edu
alice1@log1.wynton.ucsf.edu:s password: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
[alice@log1 ~]$ 

If you get Permission denied, please try again. when you enter your password, make sure you use the correct Wynton HPC username (case sensitive) and the correct password.

What is available on the login node? #

The login node is dedicated solely to very basic tasks such as copying and moving files on the shared file system, submitting jobs, and checking the status on existing jobs. Note that most software tools are not available on the login node, which means you can neither use it for prototyping scripts nor build software. Instead, for such tasks, use a development node, which is configured identically to the compute nodes.

Logout #

Like for all Unix-based system, to log out from Wynton HPC, type exit or logout (standard Unix commands) and press ENTER. For example,

[alice@log1 ~]$ exit
Connection to log1.wynton.ucsf.edu closed.

An alternative is to press Ctrl-D (sends “End-Of-File” [EOF]) at the command-line prompt.