Core Software #

A large number of common Linux software tools are available on the cluster as part of the core setup. Below follows a small excerpt of what tools are available development nodes and compute nodes. The login and data-transfer nodes have a much smaller selection of software.

File Editing
emacs, nano, vim
File Transferring
ftp, lftp, scp, sftp, rsync
curl, wget
File Compression and Archiving
7z, bzip2, gzip, lz4, zip, xz
ar, cpio, tar
ssh, telnet
Version Control
git, svn
Text, Documents, and Reports
LaTeX, PDF and Postscript tools
Programming Languages, Compilers, and Tools
make, cmake
gcc / g++ (C, C++, and Fortran)
java, javac
rustc (Rust)
System Utilities
Linux Containers
apptainer (formerly singularity)

Note: These core tools will be updated without notice as the operating system is updated on a regular basis. Many of the tools originate from the (stable) CentOS 7 Extras and EPEL repositories. To see what software and system libraries that are installed, run yum list installed. Please note that, compared to compute nodes, the development nodes have additional software installed (typically named -devel) needed to build and compile from source.